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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Veroxity - Ferocious

1. Ferocious
2. Out For Blood
3. The Devil’s Rock’n’Roll
4. The Tenderness Of Wolves
5. Blind Passengers On A Voyage Unknown
6. Suicidal Dreams
7. Collateral Damage
8. The Decision

Band: Veroxity
Album: Ferocious
Year: 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal On Demand
Official Website
Origin: Deutschland

Marcus Jekubczik - vocals
Adrian Plonka - guitar
Urs Scheuch - bass
Adrian Zyn - drums



Cemetery Urn - Urn Of Blood

1. Forging Deviant Beasts
2. Destroyer Of Worlds
3. Legion Of Fiends
4. Sadistic Murder (Annihilate)
5. The Urn Of Blood
6. Vile Carnage
7. A Monument To Torture
8. Only Remnants Of Blood Remain

Band: Cemetery Urn
Album: Urn Of Blood
Year: 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Modern Invasion
Official Website
Origin: Australia

D. Bloodstorm - vocals
Russell Myers - drums
A. Gillon - guitar
Squiz - bass



Cemetery Urn was formed in the Australian summer 2006, by Andrew Gillon (Abominator, Bestial Warlust) and Damon Bloodstorm (Corpse Molestation/Bestial Warlust, Abominator, Kutabare). During many....many meetings at the bar throughout 2005 a dark vision of a new band was evolving. Through the alcoholic haze, a new force in Melbourne Death Metal was emerging. As Andrew was about to enter the studio to complete the recording of the forth devastating full length offering from Abominator, the now complete vision was put on ice until Andrews recording commitments were done. The songwriting commenced in February of 2006 and was then put on hold for 5 weeks in May/June when the blokes embarked on a mission to the U.S. to absorb as much Metal and alcohol as humanly possible. Just prior to the trip the blokes had a chance meeting at a party with an old comrade and drummer in Matt 'Skitz' Sanders (Damaged, Terrorust, Sadistic Execution, Destroyer, Hellspawn, Funerary Pit, Abramelin, Blood Duster, Noir Macabre). After being told of the darkened vision of death being conjured, was instantly recruited to Command the drums. The tracking commenced February 2007 at Three Phase studio’s in Melbourne, under the guidance of Engineer/Producer Sam Johnston. The line-up on the recording is, A. Gillon – Guitar and Bass, D. Bloodstorm – Vocals, Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders - Drum’s. Mixing completed June ’07, by Sam Johnson and Andrew Gillon, at Three Phase Studio. Around this time another chance meeting at a Celtic Frost show in Melbourne, saw the addition of another old comrade Squiz on Bass (Fridge, Drednought, Mustang, Vicious Circle). In July 2007 the band secured world wide distro through Modern Invasion Australia. Cemetery Urn, from the outset, was created as an independent entity and remains as such to this day. Metal on.

Spun In Darkness - Birthright

1. Bleeding Eyes
2. In Cold Blood
3. Reborn Dead
4. All Must Die
5. Nocturnal
6. Arrival Of Prey
7. Crust Of The Ghost Effect
8. Within The Woods
9. Bonesaw

Band: Spun In Darkness
Album: Birthright
Year: 2007
Genre: Old-School Death Metal
Label: Battle Kommand Records
Official Website
Origin: United States Of America

Jeff Nardone - vocals & drums
Rene Hanpft - guitar
Paul Brady - bass
Tom G. - guitar



Spun in Darkness evolved from the dry and barren sands of Las Vegas with words only giving a pale and vague description on how thunderously heavy and evil this sound actually is. Tom G. (guitar/vocals) originally from dark alleys of the New York metal scene before reaching out to Vegas. Jeff N. former "Goatlord" drummer (Drums/studio vocals) provides the solid foundation which drives the music forward. With Paul former "Doom Snake Cult" Bassist on (bass) and Rene on (guitar), this dark heavy lineup is complete. Spun in Darkness has created a beginning. A beginning much in need of creation. Prepare for an evolution of sound...

Ydin - Silvottuna Ja Häpäistynä

1. Inho
2. Verivaltias
3. Kylmä Ydin
4. No.1(pt.2)
5. Ikuinen

Band: Ydin
Album: Silvottuna Ja Häpäistynä (demo)
Year: 2006
Genre: Death Metal
Label: none
Official Website
Origin: Finland

Current Line-Up
Punishment - vocals
J. Kangas - guitar
P. Massacre - bass
Kuusisalo - drums
Ahmis - guitar



Ydin was formed in northern Finland in Ylivieska in autumn 2003. Lineup (Punishment – vocals, Ahmis – guitar, Kangas – guitar, P.Massacre – bass and Löytynoja – drums) was found pretty fast and style of the music was clear. Raw Death Metal sung in Finnish. After active training and song composing about in christmas 2003 was composed five songs. We decided to put them out in Coffin –studios which was operated by Löytynoja. Recording session went quite long but in autumn 2004 Ydin´s first recording Verityöt was released. This piece of art, which glooms with visions of death and coldness, was sent in different medias for reviews. The feedback was quite good. In February of 2005 entered again in Coffin –studios to record follower to Verityöt. This time recordings went quite fast. Four days actually. Name of this recording is Silvottuna ja Häpäistynä. Soon after recording session Löytynoja decided to leave the band. Ydin did not want to stop but started active to search of new drummer. Searching contiuned long but finally we found Kuusisalo. New blood fitted in band well and new lineup had it´s baptism of fire in 9.11.2005 in restaurant Vieska in Ylivieska. Evidences from the gig are livevideos from Kylmä Ydin and No1.pt2 and it can be found from multimedia material which contains on Silvottuna ja Häpäistynä. In futureYdin continues its work with violence music and are ready for gigs.

Sextrash - Rape From Hell

01. Suck Me
02. Brutal Sex
03. Chemical Orgy
04. Fuck In All
05. Possessed By Cruelty
06. Maze Of The Damn Madness
07. Rape From Hell
08. Lust, Money And Violence
09. Obscure Doors
10. Sweet Suffering
11. Tchambs (bonus track)

Band: Sextrash
Album: Rape From Hell
Year: 2006
Genre: Death Metal/Thrash
Label: Cogumelo Records
Official Website
Origin: Brazil

Quake - drums
Doom - vocals
Marck - guitar
Krueger - bass



Sextrash was formed in mid-1987 by Sarcfago'sformer drummer, D. D. Crazy, with Oswald Scheid (vocals- RIP), Tomy Simmons (bass) and Damned Sentry (guitars).This line up yielded a heavy, aggressive and fast sound, and the band released the EP XXX under the French label Maggot Records. This EP reached fifth place in the play list of the English magazine Metal Forces. In September 1990, Cogumelo Records released their first LP, Sexual Carnage. Its ten songs display their raw, heavy and unique style. This album has just been released in the CD format as part of the Cogumelo Remasters series. The CD includes the EP XXX as bonus tracks, as well as a version for Sarcfagos Satans. The album Sexual Carnage influenced many bands in Brazil and abroad, putting the band amongst the most radical in the death metal Brazilian scene. In September 1992, they released their second LP, Funeral Serenade, recognized by its technical superiority. The lyrics are abusive and anti-moralist, mixing their ideas, visions and fantasies with the reality of the world in which we all live. In live presentations, Sextrash proved itself as a true revelation of the Brazilian underground scene, adding to its rare and strong music a morbid atmosphere. The band broke up in 1997, after the tragic death of lead vocalist Oswald Scheid in a car crash. A reunited version of Sextrash opened up for German thrash metal veterans Kreator in Belo Horizonte in April 2005 and they soon signed a new deal with Cogumelo Records.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Down From The Wound - Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purification

01. Treachery
02. Infant Soaked In Baptismal Mutilation
03. Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purification
04. Mockery Of The Truth
05. Dismantled By Greed
06. Propagation Of Divine Apostasy
07. Cerebral Injection Of Sickening Depravity
08. Piercing Through The Veil Of Lies
09. Infected Upon The Stench Of A Perverse Faith
10. Rise From Oppression
11. Rise From Oppression (demo version)
12. Dismantled By Greed (demo version)
13. Piercing Through The Veil Of Lies (demo version)
14. Treachery (demo version)

Band: Down From The Wound
Album: Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purification
Year: 2007
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Sevared Records
Official Website
Origin: Philippines

Tristan - vocals
Jay-Quin - bass
Randyl - drums
Jeff - guitar



DOWN FROM THE WOUND Started late 2001 and it all began in a small town called San Marcelino in the province of Zambales located at the Northern part of the Luzon Island Philippines. Originally formed by Jeff and Randyl, the band had undergone a lot of member changes until the line up was completed in October 2004 and fortunately gained stability. Tristan Dela Cruz (vocals) Jeff Compañero (guitars) and Randyl Manglicmot (drums) aims to spread a massive brutality through their music. The band quickly began writing new materials heavily influenced by Disgorge USA and Devourment USA. Shortly after, the first self titled demo was recorded and released early 2005 and it got a lot of good feedback. After a little over a year of practicing, an old friend of the band Rust Honra joined the group filling for bass but unfortunately, he was then kicked out of the band immediately due to some schedule conflicts. The band again decided to enter the studio to record their follow up demo “Piercing Through the veil of lies” and was released October of 2005. This time around, the follow-up demo got a much better feedback than the previous one, it reached the attention of fanzines/webzines and some underground labels as well. The tracks from the follow-up demo was re-mastered and came out in the 2-way split with Pus Vomit titled Split Disembowelment (mid 2006) under Berdugo Records and Condemned Records. October 2006, the band recorded ten tracks and planned to release it as a Full CD. Early 2007 they started to send promo CD’s to labels. Finally, February 22, 2007 the band officially received a great record deal from one of the most brutal labels in the Underground Death Metal scene SEVARED RECORDS. Down From the wound debut Full CD "AGONY THROUGH RITUALS OF SELF PURIFICATION" is coming out late this year under SEVARED RECORDS, a massive PINOY STYLE DM BRUTALITY. After a couple of months playing shows, the band finally found a bassist, Jay-quin Carabeo an old friend of Jeff agreed to join the band adding up heavy and aggressiveness in their sound most specially when they are playing live. The band current line up, Tristan Dela Cruz on gutturals, Jeff Compañero on Guitars, Jay-quin Carabeo on Bass and Randyl Manglicmot on drums. They have already started writing new materials again for the 2nd album that will hopefully out late 2008 or early 2009!!!

Zora - Gore

01. Hipocrisy
02. Humanimals
03. R.I.P.
04. Sign Your Body
05. Gore
06. Hate Me
07. Kill Who Kill You
08. Enslaved By The Pigs
09. Escape
10. Pachidermik

Band: Zora
Album: Gore
Year: 2007
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: none
Official Website
Origin: Italy

Peppe Pascale - vocals & guitar
Ale Di Meco - drums
Tato - bass


Zora is a brutal death metal band screaming its extreme hate from Southern Italy - Calabria. The band is made by two members from Glacial Fear ( - ) P. Pascale (vocal and guitar) and Tat0 (bass) and by A. Di Meco (drums). Zora recorded its first cd-demo in Feb 2004, "Dismembered Human Race"; it's a powerful mix of brutal hate and extreme rebellion against everything and everyone suffocating our planet... this work is composed by 5 songs, mixed by G.luka Molè (Sound Farm Studio - Catanzaro - Italy). Zora screams its extreme message during its concerts without compromises, and writes more and more lyrics every day, taking its inspiration from the huge need of vent characterizing this band. Therefore a new work, "U.V.A." ( Undisciplined Violent Aggression ), was born in Dec 2004, a mini-cd composed by new six songs extremely cured thanks to the production obtained again at Sound Farm Studio. During 2005 the Italian label "Eyes of the Dead Productions" produces a split-cd Zora/Sickening and it reprint the first demo-cd "Dismembered Human Race", always in 2005 Zora signs a contract of production with the american label "Malicious Intent Records" which reprint mini-cd "U.V.A.". In 2007 Zora is ready with its first full-lenght cd, "GORE", composed by ten new songs and records and mixed near Sound Farm Studio, soon ready for thedistribution.

Legion Of The Damned - Feel The Blade

01. Nuclear Torment
02. Nocturnal Predator
03. Slaughtering The Pigs
04. Slut Of Sodom
05. Feel The Blade
06. Expire
07. Warbeast
08. Disturbing The Dead
09. Obsessed By The Grave
10. Reapers Call
11. Last Command (Bonustrack)
12. Mask Of Terror (Bonustrack)
13. Chronic Infection (Bonustrack)

Band: Legion Of The Damned
Album: Feel The Blade
Year: 2008
Genre: Death Metal/Thrash
Label: Massacre Records
Official Website
Origin: Netherlands

Maurice Swinkels - vocals
Richard Ebisch - guitar
Harold Gielen - bass
Erik Fleuren - drums



Please let me introduce to you this new metal outfit from the ever growing metal scene from the land of the windmills , clogs and flowers. The time has come now to unleash LEGION OF THE DAMNED to mankind !!! What a better way to start 2006; then with the release of this killer thrash metal album MALEVOLENT RAPUTURE - !!! Malevolent Rapture will hit the international metal scene with the precision of a missile launched at Bagdad . the band has written 12 uncompromising thrash songs. That leave you behind with a lack of breath after listening to the cd !Many extreme bands forget that it is not only important to write neck-breaking headbanging tunes , but also to be able to control the speed !LOTD monstrous riffs that hit you in the face like a concrete Wall are changing from normal speed to destroying all on its way ultra blast speed parts the band has a very high technical playing level which keeps the aggressiveness under total control ! check out the clockwork tight drumming and you know that this band is not for the weakly hearted ! In spite of the speediness and the heaviness of the songs , LOTD never forget that the songs need to have a groove ! This groove also makes it a real pleasure for your bleeding ears to get tortured over and over again by the sonic violence of LOTD ! The full of hate vocals ,dont sound like a monotonous grunt , but are full of variety and remember you of a mix of Abbath , Mille and Araya . After listening to those neck snapping tunes like : - into the eye of the storm - malevolent rapture - bleed for me - legion of the damned I am sure you have to ask for some medical assistance . We will not take any legal responsibility for any physical damage! Follow the Legion onwards to Damnation !!



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