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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bludgeon - World Controlled

01. Carnage Begins
02. Refuse The True
03. Unholy Murder
04. Hunt Or Be Hunted
05. Awakening
06. Out Of Reach
07. Infidel
08. Bitter Emptiness
09. World Controlled
10. Consumed
11. Save Your Servant

Band: Bludgeon
Album: World Controlled
Genre: Death Metal/Trash
Year: 2006
Label: Magic Circle Music
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Mark Duca - vocals, Guitar
E - bass, vocals
Chewy - drums


Baalphegor - Post Earthquake Age

1. Manipulated Nerves Impulses
2. Humtec Sphere
3. Ansphina
4. The New Adoreds
5. Filter Of Life
6. ...Moments Of The Creation...
7. New Coming Are Slave
8. Source Of Energy
9. Post Earthquake Age

Band: Baalphegor
Album: Post Earthquake Age
Genre: Extreme Death Metal
Year: 2006
Label: Fast Beast Entertainment
Official Website
Origin: Espanha (Spain)

Marc Plana - guitars
Jose Hernandez - bass
Miguel Herrera - vocals
Alfred Berengena - drums
David Fernandez - guitars


Mangled - Ancient Times

1. Raise My Fist In The Face Of God
2. Eve Of Mourning
3. In Ancient Times I: De Christianis
4. Bathe In Blood
5. Era: Odium
6. Goatrider
7. The Sleeping Paradise
8. In Ancient Times II: Erotica
9. In Ancient Times III: Bellum Gallicum
10. Mangled

Band: Mangled
Album: Ancient Times
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1998
Label: Fadeless Records
Official Website
Origin: Holanda (Netherlands)

Loek Peeters - bass
Pepijn Houwen - vocals
Harold Gielen - guitars
Erwin Hermsen - guitars
Floris de Jonge - drums


Runemagick - Black Magick Sorceress

1. Black Magick Sorceress
2. The Rising
3. Wizard With The Magick Runes

Band: Runemagick
Album: Black Magick Sorceress (EP)
Genre: Death Metal/Doom
Year: 2006
Label: Aftermath Music
Official Website
Origin: Suécia (Sweden)

Nicklas Rudolfsson - vocals, guitars
Daniel Moilanen - drums
Emma Karlsson - bass


Friday, June 29, 2007

Contempt - When Angels Begin To Cry

1. Intro / I Shall Rule
2. 33
3. Death Is Eternal
4. Hate
5. Holy Lies
6. Once You All Will Die When Our Overcast Day Shall Come
7. Mercy
8. Suicide
9. When Angels Begin To Cry
10. Who Is The Untrue ?
11. Fortune Will Be Gone
12. I Am The Truth Of Life

Band: Contempt
Album: When Angels Begin To Cry
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2003
Label: Empire Records
Official Website
Origin: Eslováquia (Slovakia)

Lubo - guitar, vocals
Ivo - guitar
Erik - bass
Robo - drums


Contempt comes from Slovakia and that is definitely one of the most promising bands from the Eastern part of Europe. The Band started in 1990 under the name Desecrator with the line-up of Robo (drums), Bajuz (bass) and Lubo (guitar, vocals). Soon Afterwards Ivo (guitar) joined the band. With this line-up they recorded the 'Coroner' demo, which was never released because of the bad sound quality. In 1991 Lubo had to do the civil service while the rest of the band have been working on the material for next cassette. After Lubo's return Bajuz left the and and Mato took his place. It was with this line-up that the demo 'Cruelty Mercy' was recorded. It was also the first material under the name Contempt. The demo wasn't officially distributed, again because of its sound quality. 1993 marked the release of the first official demo entitle 'Fanaticism', which compromised songs in the techno-death style. The reception was very positive and led to several live appearances. Unfortunately, soon afterwards Ivo left the band because of military service while Martin decided to quit playing. The second demo 'Paradise Garden?' was recorded. It comprised an intro and 5 songs in the typical techno-death style, full of moods and eerie atmospheres. However, true to the tradition, some line-up changes ensued. The band started to prepare a new material in the vein of more aggressive, but still very technical. During that time 'Contempt' recorded demo 'Eyes'. 6 songs and 'Mekong Delta's' cover 'Sabre Dance'. The band started playing again with new member Erik (Infinity Fury). In march 2001, 'Contempt' recorded the material for their first official album containing 11 songs and 3 covers of Vader, Nile and Dark Funeral. In october 'Contempt' sign contract with Empire Records and get a chance to present their music in all the world. Debut album is entitle 'The Secret Around Us' with sick artwork painted by Jacek Wisniewski (Vader, Decapitated, Hades, Rebaelliun and many more). Contempt is the hope of Slovakian death metal scene. The debut album puts the band on a par with their country-mates Dementor. 'The Secret Around Us' features 11 extreme cuts -all very technical, very fast and very brutal.. Excellent selective and tons of energy. Three covers will be added as bonuses to possible licenses in Japan and USA. Very real alternative to fans of not only Slovakian death metal. Especially recommended to Nile,Terrorizer and Brutal Truth lovers. The band embarked upon a ten date tour of Poland during october of 2002 co-headlined by Monstrosity and Swedes Vomitory backed by Trauma, Sceptic, Lost Soul and Dissenter. Follow up album 'When Angels Begin To Cry' arrived in 2003. After release of album Angels, the band departs to take part in their second tour 'Possessed Tour' as headliner together with the other polish bands Mutilation, Eternal Tear and Tromsnar, but in changed formation Pepo-guitar (also Erytrosy) and Dodo-drums (Erytrosy). After return, it was decided to stay in such formation. The band tours and composes music for their next album.

Text taken from their website

Absolute Defiance - Systematic Terror Decimation

01. Butchered Human Corpse
02. Maggot Infestator
03. Carnal Dissection
04. Anonymity Of The Mass Death
05. Obscure Of Disfigured
06. Deranged Epidemic
07. Dehumanized
08. Feeding The Famished Zombie
09. Kaleidoskop Pembantaian
10. Neraka Di Bumi (Final Holokaus)
11. Exhuming The Truth (bonus)
12. Self Fulfilled Prophecy (bonus)
13. Heinous Oppressor (bonus)

Band: Absolute Defiance
Album: Systematic Terror Decimation
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2002
Label: Displeased Records
Official Website
Origin: Indonésia (Indonesia)

Edwin Haikal - bass
Andyan Gorust - drums
Bimo Morbid - guitars
Nino Aspiranta - vocals


Dahmer - The Studio Sessions Discography

01. Pseudo-Underground
02. Emportez Nortre Race
03. Richard Ramirez
04. Une Bonne 50 Tablette
05. Societe Industrielle
06. Ta Religion... Tes Problemes
07. Foncez
08. Consommateurs Leaders
09. Unabomber
10. James Oliver Huberty
11. Donalrd Harvey
12. Peter Kurten
13. Carl Panzram
14. Marcel Petiot
15. Tant De Bonnes Raisons
16. Premieres Nations
17. Herbert Mullin
18. William George Bonin
19. Randy Stephen Kraft
20. Thomas Hamilton
21. Harvey Murray Glatman
22. Friedrich Haarmann
23. Henry Lee Lucas
24. Edmund Emil Kemper III
25. Dean Corll
26. Dahmer
27. Herman Webster Mudgett
28. Jonestown
29. V-Gang
30. Stong or Weak Person
31. Albert Hamilton Fish
32. Strong or Weak Person
33. Bastards
34. Les Dieux De I'underground
35. Gary Michael Heidnick
36. David Berkowitz
37. Friedrich Haarmann
38. Just Another Dis-Clone Song
39. Tueurs en Series
40. Dennis Andrews Nilsen
41. Harvey Merray Glatman
42. Simoneau
43. Pedro Alfonso Lopez
44. Jonestown
45. Edward Gein
46. V-Gang
47. Herman Webster Mudgett
48. John Wayne Gacy
49. In Cool Branche Senass et Flye
50. Positif
51. Jeanne Moulinet Webster
52. Henry Lee Lucas
53. Edmund Emil Kemper III
54. The Hillside Stranglers
55. Douglas Daniel Clark
56. Adolfo de jesus de Constanzo
57. Mark Essex-John George Haigh
58. Albert Hamilton Fish
59. Jeanne Moulinet Weber
60. Simoneau
61. In Cool Branche Senass et Flye
62. David Berkowitz

Band: Dahmer
Album: The Studio Sessions Discography
Genre: Grindcore
Year: 2003
Label: Great White North
Official Website
Origin: Canadá ( Canada)

Yvan - drums
Fred - guitar
Seb - bass, vocals


Nephasth - Conceived By Inhuman Blood

01. Damned Knowledge
02. I Reign
03. Conceived By Inhuman Blood
04. Hate Earth
05. Dying End
06. Ignis Victory
07. Domination Is My Name
08. Crucify Again
09. You Have Lost
10. Bleeding Mortal Laments
11. Fear The Truth

Band: Nephasth
Album: Conceived By Inhuman Blood
Genre: Extreme Death Metal
Year: 2004
Label: Empire Records
Official Website
Origin: Brasil (Brazil)

Marcos Moura - guitar
Rafael Barros - guitar
Mauricio Weimar - drums
Fabio Lentiono - vocals, bass


The band formed as INTERIOR SOUL in Brazil in April 1997 with the line-up which has remained stable until today: Mauricio Weimar (drums), Fabio Lentino (bass, vocals), Rafael Barros (guitar) and Marcos Moura (guitars). Six months later the four recorded a self-titled, 5-track demo tape which instigated some interest in the Brazilian underground and earned the band first positive reviews and interviews in the local press as well as paved the way for their first live dates. Among those, gigs with KRISIUN and REBAELLIUN - the most famous of the country's death metal bands - proved to be the most decisive for the band's recognition. In late 1999 the musicians decided to change the moniker and record the new material. The name was now NEPHASTH while the session took place in Studio 1000, in Porto Alegre/RS, and resulted in the second demo entitled "The Merciless Face of Evil" featuring fresh and unbelievably brutal death metal with some notable MORBID ANGEL and SLAYER influences.

The band released the material as a self-financed, limited album, which was sent out to record companies and promoters abroad. Some interest ensued and, on its strength, international press coverage and first concert offers from Europe. The tracks from the "The Merciless Face of Evil" MCD were also featured on Relapse Records' "Brazilian Assault" comprising most interesting underground acts from Brazil. In June 2000 NEPHAST initiated the talks with Massive Management (VADER, DECAPITATED, SCEPTIC, DIES IRAE) and in July began recording their debut album titled "Immortal Unholy Triumph." The Studio 1000 was used again while the mixing took place in the AB'Studios. Arno Brugalli handled the engineering duties and by late October the album was finished. It comprises 10 tracks, one of which will be also accompanied by a video-clip on the multimedia version of the album. October also marked the deal with Massive Management, which will now support NEPHASTH for the next two albums. On the strength of the contract, the album was mastered a month later in Studio 333 by Bartek Kuźniak, who had previously worked with VADER, DECAPITATED, DIES IRAE and many other Polish acts. Jacek Wiśniewski, another Massive co-operator, designed the packaging.

Following the search for the label, NEPHASTH signed a two-album contract with Mighty Music (whose roster includes PANZERCHRIST, INIQUITY and SACRIFICIAL). "Immortal Unholy Triumph" will be released in Europe in April 2001. (In Poland the album will be released through Empire Records. There are also plans for licensing it to partners in both Americas, Japan and the rest of Asia. The tours in Europe and Brazil are also in the pipeline.

Text taken from their website

Arsis - A Celebration Of Guilt

1. The Face Of My Innocence
2. Maddening Disdain
3. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
4. Return
5. Worship Depraved
6. Carnal Ways To Recreate The Heart
7. Dust And Guilt
8. Elegant And Perverse
9. The Sadistic Motives Behind Bereavement Letters
10. Looking To Nothing
11. Wholly Night

Band: Arsis
Album: A Celebration of Guilt
Genre: Technical Melodic Death
Year: 2004
Label: Willowtip Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

James Malone - guitar, vocals
Darren Cesca - drums
Ryan Knight - guitar
Noah Martin - bass


Pungent Stench - Been Caught Buttering

1. Shrunken And Mummified Bitch
2. Happy Re-Birthday
3. Games Of Humiliation
4. S.M.A.S.H.
5. Brainpan Blues
6. And Only Hunger Remains
7. Sputter Supper
8. Sick Bizarre Defaced Creation
9. Splatterday Night Fever

Band: Pungent Stench
Album: Been Caught Buttering
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 1991
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Official Website
Origin: Áustria (Austria)

Rector Stench - drums
Jacek Perkowski - bass
Don Cochino - guitars, vocals


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Skinless - Regression Towards Evil

01. Confines Of Human Flesh
02. Extermination Of My Filthy Species
03. Tampon Lollipops
04. Milk And Innards
05. Cuntaminated
06. Scum Cookie
07. Bobbing For Heads
08. Fetus Goulash
09. Crispy Kids
10. Crispy Kids (Demo '95)
11. Cuntaminated (Demo '95)
12. Merrie Melodie (Demo '95)
13. Tug-Of-War Intestines (Demo '95)
14. Pool of Stool (Demo '95)
15. Bobbing for Heads (Demo '94)
16. Smothered in Manure (Demo '94)
17. Horrid Mutilation (Aka Milk and Innards) (Demo '94)
18. Rankled Suppurated Mess (Demo '94)
19. Involuntary Flatus Expulsion (Demo '94)
20. Fetus Goulash (Demo '94)

Band: Skinless
Album: Regression Towards Evil
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2007
Label: Relapse Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Joe Keyser - Bass
Chris Mahar - Drums
Jason Keyser - Vocals
Noah Carpenter - Guitar


Decrepit Birth - ...And Time Begins

1. Prelude To The Apocalypse
2. Condemned To Nothingness
3. Thought Beyond Infinity
4. The Infestation
5. Rebirth Of Consciousness
6. Shroud Of Impurity
7. Concepting The Era
8. Of Genocide
9. ...And Time Begins

Band: Decrepit Birth
Album: ...And Time Begins
Genre: Technical Brutal Death
Year: 2003
Label: Unique Leader Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Tim Yeung - drums
Derek Boyer - bass
Matt Sotelo - guitars
Bill Robinson - vocals


Decrepit Birth is a modern style death metal band, building upon the blocks of the early 90's death metal scene. "We are a band with serious intentions to create an original sound, with great speed and accuracy." Originally formed in the mid 90's by guitarist Matt Sotelo, and vocalist Bill Robinson, the intentions of this band have always been the same...ultimate brutality. In September of 2001 Matt and Bill joined forces with ex-DEPRECATED bassist Derek Boyer. The three of them started writing material for a full-length CD. The band brought drummer Kevin Talley (ex-DYING FETUS/MISERY INDEX) out, and recorded a pre-release version of "Prelude to the Apocalypse". Luckily, Unique Leader Records offered them a deal, and they happily accepted. They were still one man short for the record, they needed a solid drummer, with all the skills for blasting and lots of fast double bass. Erik of Unique Leader offered to bring Tim Yeung out for the session. "We knew of Tim's insane skills from his work with bands like HATE ETERNAL, AGIEL, and AURORA BOREALIS." Tim came out to Matt's home recording studio to begin tracking for the up-coming release titled '...And Time Begins'. The band completed the recording over a four month period. The album became available on Unique Leader Records in stores world wide October 2003.

After that, Bassist Derek Boyer got the call from death metal legends SUFFOCATION to join their ranks full time. So it was time for Matt and Bill to search for a new bassist in addition to a second guitarist and drummer. The underground success, and many positive reviews of '...And Time Begins' brought an army of new fans and a huge buzz for Decrepit Birth. Over the first year of the albums release we tried out many different musicians, until we came across a couple of old friends in guitarist Mike Turner and bassist Risha Eryavec. We had worked with Risha back in the mid nineties, so we knew he had the abilities. Mike stepped up to the plate and showed us what he was capable of on the guitar, and from there Mike and Risha became full time members. So Decrepit Birth was complete in the strings department.

Still, after months the hunt for a drummer was on. Guitarist Matt Sotelo recorded a young, up and coming band called ODIOUS MORTEM in his studio, and took notice of the awesome skills of drummer KC Howard. A short time later, KC came out to the rehearsal room for a tryout, and completely nailed three songs right away. So in 2004 KC Howard became a full time member of Decrepit Birth, while still playing in his own band ODIOUS MORTEM. From there on Decrepit Birth played many West Coast shows with bands such as Disgorge, Severed Savior, Origin and Suffocation. During that time the band has been working very hard writing new songs for the next album, which will prove to be a much more mature, and multi dimensional album.

Text taken from their official website

Bowels Out - Enlightenment Through Dismemberment

01. A Chainsaw Autopsy
02. Human Cadaver Deterioration
03. Devouring The Unborn
04. Clavado Cojido
05. Enthroned Through Butchery
06. Donkey Punched To Death
07. Fuck I´m Fat
08. Hacksawed Genitals
09. Decimating The Decaying Orifice
10. Nasty Anal Spewage
11. Gourmet Vaginal Stew
12. Steady Bleeding Through Precise Incisions
13. Secuestered In Bile
14. Take The Cock

Band: Bowels Out
Album: Enlightenment Through Dismemberment
Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grind
Year: 2005
Label: CDN Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

J. Twisted - vocals
Chris Perez - guitar
Ivan Cordero - guitar
Joseph Pancake - drums
Larry Overstreet - bass


Carpe Tenebrum - Dreaded Chaotic Reign

1. Abiding Our Time
2. To See Your Name
3. The Telling
4. Aetherial Benefaction
5. What Of This Place
6. Hope Is Near
7. Sense Of Face
8. Conscious Hide!
9. Nothingness

Band: Carpe Tenebrum
Album: Dreaded Chaotic Reign
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2003
Label: Hammerheart Records
Origin: Noruéga (Norway)

Jamie Stinson - vocals, guitar, bass, synth and drums


Nocturnal Silence (Disavowed) - Plateau

1. Sengaia
2. Uncle Less
3. Lionel
4. Braindead
5. Void
6. Paquita
7. Snowfall

Band: Nocturnal Silence (Disavowed)
Album: Plateau
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 1998
Label: Independent
Official Website
Origin: Holanda (Netherlands)

Joel Sta - guitar
Robbe Kok - vocals
Nils Berndsen - bass
Maarten Winnips - drums
Doris Neijboer - guitar


Inspired by bands like Suffocation, Pyrexia, Vader and Dying Fetus, Disavowed was formed in 2000 from the remnants of Nocturnal Silence. With the goal to write music that is brutal, yet well structured, technical and catchy, 3 songs were written and recorded soon after Disavowed formed. The demo CD entitled ‘Point of Few’ resulted in good responses from all over the deathmetal scene and finally led to a record deal with the American label Unique Leader Records (Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge). In 2001 the first full length CD entitled ‘Perceptive Deception’ was released, followed by a 5-week tour in the United States and Canada in 2002 and a 4-week European tour in 2003. After a long period of wrist injuries of the drummer, Robbe V, a temporally replacement was found in Dirk Janssen (Despondency) in mid 2005. After doing numerous regional shows Disavowed will head for Japan and Hong Kong in April 2006. At the moment Disavowed is preparing for various festivals in summer 2006 and the recordings of a new album in September 2006 with new Drummer Romain Goulon (Imperial Sodomy, Arsebreed). The new album will show the growth of Disavowed musically, without compromising brutality and aggressiveness.

Text taken from their official website

Debodified - Utopia In The Eyes Of A Beast

1. Reprieves For My Enemies
2. Instinct For Malevolence
3. Mass Extinction Agenda
4. Emission Of Adrenaline
5. Uncompromised Extinction
6. Terminated With Prejudice
7. Embludgeoned Between Crunches
8. On This Killing Field

Band: Debodified
Album: Utopia In The Eyes Of A Beast
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2003
Label: Comatose Music
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Chris Braunstein - guitar, bass, vocals
Jordan Varela - vocals, drums




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