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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sufferage - Everlasting Emnity

01. War Belligerence
02. Pollutions Precept
03. War Makes Deserts
04. A Slobbering Piece Of Shit
05. Exit Existance
06. Worthless
07. Deperception
08. The Swamp
09. Missing Shadows
10. Boundless Blank Of Misery
11. Everlasting Enmity
12. Life Is A Bad Joke
13. Red Sun Arise
14. Brain Mass Index
15. Insane Visions
Band: Sufferage
Album: Everlasting Emnity
Year: 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Remission Records
Official Website
Origin: Deutschland

Ole Fink - drums
Olli Frank - bass
Lasse Fink - guitar
Sebastian Fröhlich - vocals



Pyuria - Obliette Ontolgy

1. The Beginning
2. Two Sides Of A Spiteful Mind
3. Wound Opening Part I
4. Wound Opening Part II
5. Blind Victim
6. Terror Weil
7. Emperor Of Bloodshed
8. The End
Band: Pyuria
Album: Obliette Ontolgy
Year: 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Violent Journey Records
Official Website
Origin: Finland

Oskari Mäki - guitar
Tuukka - drums
Eero - vocals
Jusso - bass



The consolidation of unique players started back in 1996. The line up back then went back and forth with bass players, (clean & growl) singers and guitarists. After the Baroquean Menuets For Oesophagus -99, future was looking auspicious. Reviews were even better than expected, this EP had biggest national on-air time also and interesting gigs were offered in Finland as abroad. Stab in the back was to come. Drummer decided to change his musical style into more peaceful after a black/death-metal festival gig 3/8/2000. New drummer was eventually found in 8/2002. Rehearsing after total frustration could continue. Two silent years of the band lost our long time bass player but new one was affiliated. The physical zenith of our mental work was finally been spawn at 14-17/11/03 and it was titled Sublime Metrics Reallocation. The whole EP is about revealing authentic pictures, lyrics and own thoughts within maverick music. All the corpse photos we use really are real. This EP was downloadable in a Finnish metal forum and was offered a record deal a day after. We got into a deal with Rising Realm Records... Next clearing, blurring zenith was released under the label on 25/01/05 and it is titled Calliphora Vomitoria Introitus. US region was organized well by Crash Music Inc. but Europe was not and major problems appeared especially on distribution in Finland. Now we have finally purchased our own “artist peaces” from store due total failure of record company. RRR finally went bankrupt and only one member was left in the band... Old "play mate" of mine from Death Du Jour -band, hooked up for battering the rhythm section and the brutal jam continues. After four new song's "time period", Eero (vocals) and Juuso (bass) joined to bring the band truely alive. They were gasoline to the flames! We are looking forward to blow your mind and cut your testicles in a live appearances since it will be different mayhem seen before!

Tortharry - Reborn

01. Chimerical Agonies
02. Return Into The Void
03. Night Hunt
04. Confession Of The Void
05. Chasing emptiness
06. Dorotheum
07. The Moon Hall Of Lady Tanwó
08. Tennosei No tenshi
09. Inverse Reflection
10. Night Mist
11. Commandments Of The void
12. Japanese Night

Band: Tortharry
Album: Reborn
Year: 2006
Genre: Death Metal with some extreme influences
Label: Red Black Records
Official Website
Origin: Czec Republic

Daniel Pavlík - vocals, guitars
Martin Hrubý - guitars
Martin Vacek - bass
Jirí Rosa - drums



The band TORTHARRY was formed in August 1991. It's drummer M."Chuan" Jirman and bass guitarrist Martin "Mart" Vacek had already met in the band Imago in the year 1984 (they were 13 years old). During the autumn of 1988 came the guitarrist Jarda "Slave"Rubes. Later the band appeared on the stages as Executor, but the death metal period did not begin untill the name of TORTHARRY was accepted. In September 1991 the first TORTHARRY demo tape "Mezi nebem a peklem" ("Between Heaven And Hell") was recorded. In January 1992 the 17 year old guitarist Daniel Pavlík joined the line up of the band and TORTHARRY was this made complete. Another demo tapes have been recorded – "Flames Of Eternity" in 1992 and a very successful demo "Incriminated" in 1993. Today's exclusive TORTHARRY lyric writer Stefan Lezovic had already participated on this material. At this time the first videoclip "Dirty Mind" was being made in cooperation with Petr Janda (legendary Czech rock guitar player). In the half of 1994 the first album "When The Memories Are Free" was recorded in the "Past" recording studio. The recording of the album is followed by a line of live shows that has been prolonged up to these days without any longer break. Beginning with the same year TORTHARRY started to collect experiences in foreign countries like Poland, Germany or Austria. In the year 1996 the band got to know the recording studio "Hacienda" owned by Milos "Dodo" Dolezal (one of the best guitarists in Czechia who studied playing the guitar in LA cooperating with Z.Wilde and G.M.Dude) for the first time. TORTHARRY recorded here one track for the compilation "10 Years after …A Tribute to Cliff Burton". In the year 1997 TORTHARRY recorded the second album "Book Of Dreams" in the "Hacienda" studio. The quality of sound helps this record to reach much higher level than the previous ones. This CD was coproduced with Taga Records editorial company and in May 1997 was made the band's second video "Stain". After appearing on the stages in Switzerland and Portugal (here the band took part on very prestige fest in Penafiel together with bands like Skyclad, Reign, Gomorrah, End Of Green, The Blood Divine etc.) the band made appearances in Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia. TORTHARRY had also made two very interesting and successful mini tours to Lithuania and Latvia. TORTHARRY appears on almost every important fest in Czech Republic-for example the "Dynamo North Power Jam" where the band played this year as well as the previous one. TORTHARRY played together with many well known bands, including two shows with the brilliant DEATH. The second of these two was organized by TORTHARRY management. TORTHARRY played several times with BENEDICTION and SINISTER, and it also played with bands like VADER, ATROCITY, CLAWFINGER, WITHIN TEMPTATION, FLESHCRAWL, KRISIUN, DISBELIEF,DARKSIDE, DEW-SCENTED, DEVILYN, CRACK UP, SKYCLAD, and many others.
In February 1999 TORTHARRY are going into the "Hacienda" studio in Zirovnice, where during 22 days recorded their third album called "Unseen". The album is out in May 1999 through new label CBR Records, that belongs to the owner of this great studio "Hacienda" Milos "Dodo" Dolezal, which also worked like a producer of this album. This album have tons of positive reviews not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other countries. The band continues in playing lot of concerts to promote the new album. On it's concerts, the band uses it's own PA system and travel with their own bus. This fact helps a lot to the sound and show for the fans of this band on each stage. With a help of CBR Records and NSM Records, together with Wolfgang Sussenbeck, TORTHARRY make contacts in the USA. This cooperation helps them to appear on a sampler "Tribute to Death", which is out in December 1999 through the label DWELL Records in USA. TORTHARRY worked with a song from Leprosy "Pull the Plug" and have more experiences with the US market. The recording of Tortharry's fourth CD takes place in Hacienda Studio during the year 2002, but this time without its firm drummer "Juan". Therefore, two new drummers – a student in an academy of music Milos Maier and a graduate of the same school Roman Lomtadze are invited to help. On September 28, 2004, a guitar player and a long-standing member Jarda Rubes leaves the band but he is soon replaced (December 2004) by talented Martin Hruby called "Maca" from regional party band AVENGER rock. After a year and half lasting break, which is caused by personnel change, Tortharry comes back to life. In spring 2006, the band starts to get new material ready for releasing a new CD. A young and promising drummer Jiri "Panther" Rosa is very much involved in the arrangements instead of Juan who cannot participate owing to his heavy workload. A new CD album "Reborn" is recorded in Shaark Studio in Bzenec during August and September 2006, released on November 16, 2006 by REDBLACK Records. In September 2006, Tortharry sets out to REBORN Tour with its new stable colleagues – Shaark band – and the launching ceremony of the CD takes place in Music Hall Zderina on November 25, 2006. On the same day, the founder member – Juan – announces his leaving of the band due to his working load. "Panther" becomes his logical successor and Juan is made the honorary member for life. Tortharry is very appreciative of all his input and the forming of the band. November 25, 2006 is a breakthrough in Tortharry's history: New CD "Reborn" is officially launched, Juan leaves (but becomes the honorary life member) and the new drummer "Panther" joins the band. !!! Thank you, Juan !!!

Into The Gore - Bureau Of Disgust

01. The Sculptured Disparity
02. Kick 41
03. Means and Ends
04. The Aphex of the Pyramid
05. Blown Out of Proportion
06. Degenerate
07. Deadline
08. Loathsome
09. Burakumin
10. The Slime You Sublime
11. Burn the Obsolete
12. Paths Of Least Resistance
13. An Era Of Sorrow
14. Congress The Real
15. Execute The Protocol: Selfish
16. Skinned
17. Soundtrack Of The Unborn

Band: Into The Gore
Album: Bureau Of Disgust
Year: 2007
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Venerate Industries
Official Website
Origin: Greece

Jim Mantzanidis - bass
Jim Tzempertzis - guitars
Michael Karatsiolis - drums
George Papadopoulos - vocals



Into The Gore was formed by Jim and AMX back in 1998.The band recorded their demo "Blood Scum Dead" the same year.With the addition of a new drummer named Michael soon after the recording, the band started practising their new songs for their first full-length album "Pain Must Be Amplified", released by Metal Age productions in 2001.After that, Stelios(vox) left the band and the original throat of George "LaFount" Papadopoulos was recruited once again for the vocal duties.The orientation of the band changed from Death/Grind to pure Grindcore and a new bass player(Jim "Disco") was incorporated.The new songs were recorded between March and May 2003 at Sound Lab studios in Thessaloniki by George Briggos.Original guitarist, Jim, decided to left the band shortly after the recording and a new replacement was found with the addition of Andreas from ERECTUS as the second guitarist.Soon after that, the band started playing live shows in Athens and Thessaloniki.Eventually, they got in touch with a cool guy(Markos), who maintained an independent distribution label named VENERATE INDUSTRIES and arranged several gigs, that had a great impact on the greek grindcore audience.As a result, the second full-length album named "Bureau Of Disgust" was planned to be released in October 2005 by VENERATE INDUSTRIES & BLASTBEAT MAILMURDER, but sometimes life gets fucked in mysterious ways... On 6th of July 2005, Michael-Alexander Xidas, co-founder, lead guitarist and high pitched vocalist of ITG, passed away due to a fatal motorcycle accident.Since then, the band no longer exists...

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo

01. T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
02. You Gonna Buy The Beers Of The Whole Damn Bar
03. I Don't Mean To Impose, But I Am The Ocean
04. Go Greyhound
05. Top English
06. The Electric Boogaloo
07. Crunchy Black Did Me In At Midnight Madness
08. Mad Max Beyond Superdome
09. Carroll 14 Wossman 7
10. Nobody Eats BBQ Two Days In A Row
11. Shot Of Whiskey
12. Rollin' And Tumblin' On Satan's Rotisserie
13. The Louisiana Dive Bar Massacre

Band: The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Album: Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo
Year: 2007
Genre: Deathcore/Experimental
Label: United States Of America
Official Website
Origin: Metalblade Records/Blackmarket

Unknown members names



Once upon a time in the back woods Louisiana swamps far far away,four compadres decided to drop tent,pick their hats up and head on down the road to....Murfreesboro....Tennessee that is...where they came to find a strip club DJ working hard for the money in Nashville...who after multiple hazings and a 15 page essay on the Dukes of Hazzard was welcomed into their malitia.After putting on the red light and their coonskin thinking caps,the five of them sat down over poptarts and venison,coming to the conclusion that they should form a band named The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eviscerated - Engulfed By Disgust

1. Fetal Consumption
2. Facial Reconstructive Sergury
3. Engulfed By Disgust
4. Deformity By Defocation
5. Gorging on Rotting Entrails
6. Penetration of the rotting oraphus
7. Suicide By Self Disembowlment
8. Seminal Explosion
9. Toilet Bowel Bowels
Band: Eviscerated
Album: Engulfed By Disgust
Year: 2006
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: none
Official Website
Origin: United States Of America

Nick - vocals
Chris - drums
Joseph - guitar


Band Started out As three Guys in the Music scene Wanting a little more outta playing...Listining to some sick ass fuckin death metal such as dying fetus Dyscrascia,Internal bleeding and such influinced us to start one of the sickest bands in san Antonio Texas.......Original lineup included Anthony Franklin,Chris Aguirre And joseph Sandoval,As the band progressed and got a lot better anthony felt the need to persue other engagements in life....So Having no vocalist we searched and found a person even more agressive more sick nick moreno.....after we met nick we recorded our first three song demo Entilted "penetration of the Rotting Oraphus. Shortly after that we started to write a more agressive Style of Death metal Ranging From Sick Fukin Blasts To slow Groove, This Led us to record our sencond Demo Entitled Suicide by self Disembowelment hopefully to be released sometime in december or Early January!!! WE are encourged to be the sickest we can and WE support all the bands in the San antonio scene So to Everyone in the san antonio scene Thanks for Helping Eviscerated Become The sickest WE can be!!!

Hetzer - The Rise Of Abaddon

01. Pandemonic Revelation
02. Don't Protect The Weakness
03. Let's Bow Abaddon... Before The Battle Against God
04. B-XVI
05. Butchery And Torment
06. Death Is Fucking War
07. Abaddon
08. Hetzer Attack
09. Paranormal Army
10. Messiah Arrival
11. Destruction
12. When The Abyss Winds Return (Angel Corpse cover)
13. Heaven In Black Flames

Band: Hetzer
Album: The Rise Of Abaddon
Year: 2007
Genre: Death Metal/Black
Label: Redrum 666
Official Website
Origin: Poland

Swir - vocals & bass
Executioner - drums
Vincent - guitar
Vandal - guitar


Hetzer is four members group bringing death fear and despair. Inspired with classical black / death / thrash metal groups. Their music come back to old school satanic metal. Unable to stop on their way, Hetzer-war machine leaves nothing but ruins and destructions.

Mortem - Death Is My Name

1. Have You Ever Killed?
2. Fresh Human Meat
3. My Name Is Death
4. Coroner`s Report
5. Oozing Yellow Slime
6. Just Blood (Is It A Crime?)
7. Bifurcation Of The Person
8. Confession Of The Serial Killer
9. Death (instruimental)

Band: Mortem
Album: Death Is My Name
Year: 2003
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Warpath Records
Origin: Russia

Vladislav Berestenko - guitar
Fyodor Poyarkin - guitar
Vitaly Glushko - vocals
Maxim Grigoriev - bass
Yuri Om - drums



Relentless Attrition - Lethal Compulsions

1. Psychotic Recall
2. Ectopic Pregnancy
3. Asphalt Tranquility
4. Reek Of Divinity

Band: Relentless Attrition
Album: Lethal Compulsions (EP)
Year: 2005
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: none
Official Website
Origin: New Zealand

Dan - bass
Zeb - guitar
Ben - vocals
Sally - guitar
Corey Friedlander - drums



Relentless Attrition was formed under the name Disfigured Humanity in mid 2004, which comprised of Zeb Lazarus on Guitar, Dan Fyfe on Bass, and Nathan Baylis on Drums. This line up would remain without a vocalist for tha year, but jammed as a three peice, writing songs, honing thier skill, and consuming drugs and alcohol. Ben Hickling would join in March 2005, filling the much needed vacancy for vocals and providing a very powerful voice for the powerfully tight band. The band would play three shows with this line up, the most memorable being Malevolent Manifestation in May 2005 with locals Apokalyptic Goat Messaiah, Creeping, Heavy Artillary, and Erotic Necrosis. This show would prove to be a small stepping stone as the word started to spread of the band. But unfortunately due to conflicting personalities, and reasons of attitude and dedication, Nathan would be excused from the band. Nathan went on to join former band Erotic Necrosis, and form Black Metal band Winter Deluge. Ben, Dan and Zeb continued jamming, and recruited the help of second guitarist Jesse Critchley, and new drummer Francis McMannemin. With the new members it was decided a new name was in order. Relentless Attrition was then born. With a stable line up finally in place, the band took some time to focus on thier musical direction. Relentless Attrition would persue a sound that brought together all of the best things about extreme metal, intensity, brutality, technique, originality, but most of all the will to beleive in it. The sound has been described as Brutal Technical Death Metal with influences of Black and Thrash. This first incarnation of Relentless first debuted on July 15th 2005 at Edens hole, with Legends Ulcerate, Asphxiate, Guest Stabs Host, and Antagonist. RA continued playing shows steadily for the rest of 2005 which amongst more kiwi legends Dawn of Azazel, Sinate, Demiurge, Odius Embowel, and Brutalised Mortality. The most successful show was the 'Bearer of Brutality', on December 3rd 2005, with Ulcerate, Asphxiate, and Demiurge. December 3rd also saw the release of the first Relentless EP, 'Lethal Compulsions'. The cd features 4 tracks, Psychotic Recall, Ectopic Pregnancy, Asphalt Tranquility, and Reek of Divinity. The Lethal Compulsions EP helped establish the band in the local scene, and helped RA get the opening slot for Disgorge's Auckland R18 show on Disgorge's 'Paralels of Infinate Torture' tour, and a slot on the Hellington Metal Fest, both in February of 2006. In March of 2006, Jesse would part way with Relentless Attrition to persue other interests. He went on to form Brutal Death outfit Carnal. The band then took a break from playing due to the loss of Zeb's younger brother, Isaac Lazarus. Practicing continued in July, as preparation was made for a small string of highly enjoyed shows, including opening for Skinless on the Wellington leg of thier NZ tour, HCX and Extreme Metal Monolith 'Battles In The North', and the one night only reformation of the most badass of NZ bands, FORCED TO SUBMIT. In November 2006 Francis left the fold because of his declining mental state, which left the band in an awkward position for a few months. With a stroke of luck, RA found the perfect drummer in Corey Friedlander, who brought a refreshing playing style and dedication. Coreys drum style dramatically changed the sound of the band, and further refined the bands style with his balence of hard hitting and technique. This line up saw the world in February 2007 at the Valiant Graveyard, which showed the potential of the new line up, and introduced the band to Sally Gates, who joined RA as lead guitarist, and further extended the sound and style of the band.

Totten Korps - Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts Of Citadels

01. Intro
02. The Ancient Demoniac Celebration
03. Slaughter Nocturnal Butcher
04. Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts Of Citadels
05. The Black Horde Of The Surdic Gods
06. Our Almighty Lords
07. Imperator Of The Black Abyss
08. Das Schwarze Korps
09. Totten Korps
10. Avohej, The God-Dog Of Nazareth
11. The 7th Blasphemies Of Sacred Sacrament

Band: Totten Korps
Album: Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels
Year: 2001
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Repulse Records
Official Website
Origin: Chile

Cristian Ortiz Von Martog - bass & vocals
Fernando Toro - guitars
Sergio Aravena - drums
Cristian Soto - guitars



TOTTEN KORPS was born in 1989 in Santiago de Chile. Their first demo was recorded at REC Studios in 1990, containing 4 songs, it was called "The King Of Hell Reclaims His Throne" and received a good response in the national underground scene. In 1993, after several shows through different cities in Chile, the band decided to record a second demo, "Our Almighty Lords", that included 5 songs and was released one year later as mini CD on the Brazilian label Hellion Rec.. This release gave the band a great renown in the underground scene worldwide. Some time later, the band suffers an important retreat due to some changes on its line-up. Then, in the year 1998, Fernando Toro and Gerardo Valenzuela (founder members of T.K.) decided to reform the band again, being the new line-up: Fernando T. (guitar), Gerardo V. (vocals), Francisco T. (guitar), Cristian Ortíz (bass) and Sergio Aravena (drums). With this line-up the band got signed by REPULSE RECORDS and recorded their first album in the summer of that same year with such a disastrous production that both sides, band and label, decided not to release this recording. Soon after, with Francisco and Gerardo out of T.K., Cristian Soto and Cristian Ortíz joined the band on guitars and vocals respectively, recording finally their first full-length album "Tharnheim: Ati-Lan-Nhi, Cyclopean Crypts Of Citadels" in January 2000.It was recorded at HIT Studios by Claudio Torres and mastered at CLIO Studios by Joaquín García. Currently, the line-up of the band is: Fernando Toro and Cristian Soto on guitars, Cristian Ortíz on bass and vocals and Sergio Aravena on drums. This album, full of obscure brutal Death Metal and great quality, will be released near 15th August 2.001 and it will mean the consecration of one of the most legendary bands not only in Chile, but also in the whole underground scene.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Atrocious Abnormality - Echoes Of The Rotting

01. Dead In Sixty Seconds
02. Punished Humanity
03. The Birth Of Violence
04. Raped Apart
05. Bastard Spawn
06. Beyond Oblieration
07. Euphoric Flesh Consumption
08. Open Wound Penetration
09. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight
10. Viscious Perversions
11. Echoes Of The Rotting

Band: Atrocious Abnormality
Album: Echoes Of The Rotting
Year: 2007
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Label: Comatose Music
Official Website
Origin: United States Of America

Steve Green - guitar & vocals
Brent Williams - drums
Russ Hardin - guitar
James O'Neal - bass


Moonfog - Cadaveric Changes

1. Coldness
2. Rigidity
3. Death Spots
4. Blood Coagulation
5. Withering
6. Liquid Diffusion
7. Gas Diffusion
8. Decomposition
9. Autolysis vs. Putrefaction
Band: Moonfog
Album: Cadaveric Changes
Year: 2007
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: Ukragh Productions
Official Website
Origin: Slovakia

Marek Mikudik - drums
Peter Hutyra - guitar
Peter Hija - vocals



Moonfog is upstanding member of slovak death metal scene nowadays. The band was established in the end of the year 2000 by bands leading personality and guitar player Peter Hutyra with help of bassguitarist/vocalist Marek Mikudik and drummer Rudy Strhak. Vocalist Michal Paholik joined the band later, but soon was replaced by Peter Hija on this post. In this early days the band was deeply influenced by oldschool thrash/deathmetal bands as good as by northern blackmetal scene. We can recognize it in several first bands recordings. Many of them are live [Live in JAMBO's Rock club, 21.9.2002, Live in Rock Pub Bunker, 3.5.2003, Live from Infernal Fest I. (Drevaren 20.9.2003)… etc.] and the rest are rehersal recordings [ December's Fog /2002/, Death Under The Gates Of Castle /2002/, Awaken by death/2003/, Cursed souls /2004/…etc.]. This recordings was spreaded as unofficial demos for friends and local underground scene members. Next self-released promo CD in 2004 called Bloody Memories, was self-released and distributed by band in average 600 pieces. After several personal earthquakes the band finally found its own face and started to climb up. Current line-up is : Peter Hutyra on guitar, Peter Hija vocals and Marek Mikudik on drums. Last bassguitar player walked-out the band several weeks ago. New face of band is absolutely different from beginers attempts 4-5 years ago. The style we can entitle : sophisticated brutal death metal with soft oldschool breath and grindcore influences. In 2005 was recorded material for album Slaughter of the Fatstock, which was released by german label Rebirth the Metal. This album is distributed by label and by band to this day. Songs for new CD is mostly ready to enter to the studio and will be released probably under the same label later this year. Show activity is main scope for the band. Number of played gigs is close to 100 now! Many great names of the extreme metal scene was supported by Moonfog on their shows in Slovakia, Poland and Czech rep. since 2000, but we should be thankfull also for their own actions organized by band under name Infernal fest and many exchangeable actions for slovak, czech, polish, italian, ukrainian, hungarian bands. In november 2006 was recorded CD "Cadaveric Changes". It contains 9 songs in 32minutes of brutal and technical deah metal. Cadaveric Changes was released 20.8.2007 on Ukragh Productions. Dalibor Rucek (bass guitar) left band 4.9.2007.

Misery - On Demon Wings

01. Priest
02. On Demon Wings
03. Twisting The Knife
04. Blood Of Ancients
05. Butchered
06. Ill Of The Dead
07. Disciples Of War
08. The Black Arts
09. And Then They Die
10. In Tongues
11. Burning Hatred

Band: Misery
Album: On Demon Wings
Year: 2007
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Obsidian Records
Official Website
Origin: Australia

Damon Robinson - bass & vocals
Anthony Dwyer - drums
Scott Edgar - guitar



Misery would come damn close to being Australia's heaviest death metal band and it would also be fair to say that they're also one of the best and most consistent. The band formed in Brisbane in 1991 with members drawn from other local acts such as Black Magic, Savage and Northwinds. Problems with lead vocalists marked the course of the band's early career, but even so the band had already laid the foundations for their dense and formidable, all conquering holocaust. The "Sorting of the Insects" and "Astern Diabolus" demos (the latter with its confronting "demon birth" artwork) established Misery as a supremely heavy act, with a sound that flirted with flat out grindcore and elements of doom along with their patented no mercy death metal. Original singer Darren Goulding was jettisoned from the band after the release of A Necessary Evil and Morbid Angel support and also a national tour with Pungent Stench. Into the breech stepped Moises Contreras just in time for the Fear Factory support and 'Insidious' EP, which experimented more with doom elements and spawned the legendary gore-drenched video for the track 'Torn'. Contreras' stay with the band soon came to an end also, though his departure was on much more amicable grounds than Goulding's, and after several frustrating months finding a permanent replacement, Robinson took up the gauntlet himself. The scene was now set for Misery's next phase, and after being picked up by Warhead Records the band recorded one of the heaviest albums ever in Australia, the brutal and vital Revel in Blasphemy. The raw production standards employed on the CD only helped to enhance the sinister, cataclysmic death metal which sprawls across the album. More supporting opportunities came the bands way in the form of Carcass, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Bolt-thrower, Brutal Truth and Deicide. Revel helped to put Misery on a more national footing and revitalised interest in a band which had almost been forgotten outside of Brisbane until that stage. Since then Misery has continued on their path of bulldozing hate with merciless live shows. Their Curses album was released on Venomous Records to further praise and enhanced the bands reputation as one of Australia’s best. After a tour of New Zealand late in 2001, Laszlo Kananghinis decided to leave Misery to concentrate on his other band, Green Steam. Robinson, Dwyer and Kananghinis were members of Cardinal Sin. No replacement was needed when Kananghinis moved on, his vacancy simply tightened up the bands sound with Edgar employing 2 stacks to compensate so the full power of the band remained intact. Another tour to New Zealand ensued in ’03 as well as tours to Melbourne, Adelaide and many gigs on the bands home turf of Brisbane.




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