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Monday, September 10, 2007

Embalmer - 13 Faces Of Death

01. Scourged Of Your Innocence
02. They Can Smell Our Blood
03. Beheaded Without A Drop Spilt
04. Limbs In The Grinder
05. Vengeance Through Homicide
06. Mutilation At The Altar
07. Horrific Distain
08. Rotten Body Fluids
09. There Was Blood Everywhere
10. The More Fuckers Dead, The Better
11. Into The Oven
12. Devil's Night
13. XIII
Band: Embalmer
Album: 13 Faces Of Death
Year: 2006
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Pathos Productions
Official Website
Origin: United States Of America

Duane Morris - guitar
Rick Fleming - vocals
Lee Andrews - drums
Rob Lesniak - bass
Don Wolff - guitar


Embalmer was formed in 1989 and came out puking up gore and pure brutality. The first demo, Into The Oven was released in 1991 with original bassist/vocalist Toby Wulff, drummer Roy Stewart and guitarists Mark Davis and Duane Morris. Toby soon left the band and was replaced by vocalist Rick Fleming and bassist Brian Holmberg. Duane also left the band and was replaced by John "Jocko" Jermann. This lineup released the second demo, Rotting Remains in 1993, which sealed their domination of the early/mid 90's Cleveland Death Metal scene. In 1994 Holmberg was replaced by former Blessed Sickness bassist Dave Phillips and with this lineup, Embalmer recorded the now legendary There Was Blood Everywhere 7", which was released in 1995 by Relapse Records and then re-released on CD with the four songs from the Rotting Remains demo in 1997. Unfortunately, the band broke up later that year leaving much unreleased material and many disappointed fans. To many, including the band themselves, it seemed Embalmer was done forever.In early 2005, rumors began circulating of an Embalmer reunion. and sure enough, the rumors were proved correct that Spring. After 8 years of silence, the corpse had risen. Embalmer had indeed returned with Roy, Rick, Mark, Jocko and former NunSlaughter/Dislimb/Necrotic Disgorgement bassist (and longtime Embalmer fan) Rob Lesniak. This lineup quickly relearned the majority of the old songs and wasted no time writing brand new material to put towards a full length CD. 2005 and the first quarter of 2006 saw Embalmer playing out nonstop, but with only Rob contributing new material, there wasn't much progress in the songwriting department. Due to other circumstances, that problem would soon be resolved with the departure of Mark and soon after, Jocko. To replace Mark, Rob brought in former Dislimb bandmate Don Wolff (also formerly of Defenestration and currently in Decrepit and Thoushaltnot) and and Jocko was soon replaced when Duane Morris rejoined the band. In a matter of months this new and vastly improved lineup had written more material than had been produced in the year prior and went into the studios to record the long awaited full length, 13 Faces of Death which was released through Pathos Productions. Now it's 2007 and Embalmer is going through what will hopefully be the last lineup change. We regret to announce that due to other responsibilities that must take priority, original drummer and founding member Roy Stewart can no longer commit to such a serious and busy project and has decided to part ways with Embalmer, giving the rest of the band his blessing to continue without him. In the meantime, his spot is being temporarily filled by Decrepit/HRH (and former Dislimb) drummer Lee Andrews. Roy isn't completely leaving the death metal scene however: he is currently jamming with former Embalmer bassist Dave Phillips in the newly reformed Blessed Sickness and we wish him the best of luck in all future endeavors. It must be emphasized that Lee is filling in for Roy as a favor to us but cannot commit to Embalmer for the long run, so Embalmer will be looking for a FULL TIME replacement drummer following the California Deathfest. Any interested parties should check our blog titled "New Developments" for more details.

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