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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments

01. Memorial Arrangements
02. Premature Burial
03. Remnants Of Withered Decay
04. Multiple Stab Wounds
05. Impaled Existence
06. Thou Shall Kill!
07. Sacrificial Annihilation
08. Decadence Within
09. Injected Sufferage
10. Malevolent Creation
Band: Malevolent Creation
Album: The Ten Commandments
Genre: Death Metal/Thrash
Year: 1990
Label: Roadrunner Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Mark Simpson - drums
Phil Fasciana - guitar
Brett Hoffmann - vocals
Jason Blachowicz - bass
Jeff Juszkiewicz - guitar


Malevolent Creation - Doomsday X

01. Cauterized
02. Culture Of Blood
03. Deliver My Enemy
04. Archaic
05. Buried In A Nameless Grave
06. Dawn Of Defeat
07. Prelude To Doomsday
08. Upon Their Cross
09. Strength In Numbers
10. Hollowed
11. Unleash Hell
12. Bio-Terror
Band: Malevolent Creation
Album: Doomsday X
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2007
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Brett Hoffmann - vocals
Jason Blachowicz - bass
Phil Fasciana - guitar
Dave Culross - drums
Jon Rubin - guitar


Caedere - Mass Emission

01. Mass Emission
02. Close To Decomposing
03. Mentally Aborted
04. Rope To Tie
05. Chainsaw Caesarean
06. Corpse For The Theft
07. Human Decay
08. Impaled
09. Rotten To The Core
10. Pleasure of Molestation (Hypocrisy Cover)

Band: Caedere
Album: Mass Emission
Genre: Extreme Death Metal
Year: 2003
Label: Goregastic Records
Official Website
Origin: Holanda (Netherlands)

Herbert Cats - bass
Thomas Luyken - guitars
Sjoerd Modderkolk - drums
Michiel Lankhorst - vocals
Niels Ottink - guitar, vocals


As a continuation of Concrete, the development of Caedere took serious shape when drummer Sjoerd entered the band around February 2001. With guitarist/singer Niels, bass guitarist Herbert and singer Michiel, the band started to write new songs. A year later, the EP “Gore to Banish Fear” was the first release, on Caedere’s own initiative. Meanwhile, the number of gigs increased and Caedere reached a second place in the Metal Battle competition. Caedere gained a record deal with “Gore to Banish Fear”. Goregiastic Records signed Caedere and released the full-length debut album “Mass Emission” late November 2003. The album got numerous positive reviews. Dutch metal magazine ‘Aardschok’ gave 90 out of 100 points for it in its assessment. At the time, Caedere needed a second guitar player and Thomas was fit for the job. He joined the band in the latter part of 2003. Caedere had more concerts, and started to perform abroad; i.a. the Ludwighafen deathfest, two weekends in Portugal, a show in Amiens (France), and a performance at the Obscene Extreme festival 2005 in the Czech Republic.
2006 was to be a year of writing material for the second album. In June, the band recorded a promo and it was released January 2007. This with the intention to gain a record deal which will the give the band the possibility for recording the second album. It is Caedere’s aim to record eight songs, most of which are completed, on this second album. The music could be seen as a mixture of US blast death metal and Swedish (old school) death metal. Brutal, but with a catchy edge.


Sepsism - To Prevail In Disgust

01. Concealed In Flesh
02. Soiled With Corruption
03. The Bitter End
04. Festering Within
05. Advanced Mental Collapse
06. Morbid Consumption
07. Torn From Innocence
08. Deadly Enigma
09. Hideous Deformity
10. Beyond Insanity

Band: Sepsism
Album: To Prevail In Disgust
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2003
Label: From Beyond
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Phillip Hernandez - drums
Fernando Avila - vocals
Leon Morrison - guitar


SEPSISM was formed in Pacoima, California, in September of 1990 by drummer Phillip Hernandez, vocalist Fernando Avila, and guitarist Jeff Sheldon. Soon after, the band began playing shows throughout Southern California. In 1992 after several line up changes, SEPSISM recorded their first demo, consisting of five songs, giving the local scene a long awaited release, and getting SEPSISM featured in fanzines and on compilations. In May of 1993 after enlisting guitarist Leon Morrison, SEPSISM returned to the studio to record their second demo, which contained six new songs, again SEPSISM was featured in fanzines and on compilations, and the bands following began to grow, soon after, SEPSISM parted ways with long time guitarist Jeff Sheldon. In August of 1994 after recruiting lead guitarist Danny Halstead SEPSISM again entered the studio to record their SEVERE CARNAL BUTCHERY demo, which contained five songs. This was SEPSISMs best recorded, produced, promoted, and distributed demo to date, soon the release of SEVERE CARNAL BUTCHERY helped SEPSISM become well known in the underground all over the world, and led to SEPSISM opening shows for many of DEATHMETALs elite. Later that year SEPSISM parted ways with Danny Halstead. In November of 1995 SEPSISM returned to the studio to record five new songs for a split CD with another Southern California band, when this did not work out as planned, the songs were shopped around to various independent labels, and SEPSISM signed a deal to release the songs through BOVINE RECORDS. This CD was to be entitled NECROTIC FLESH ROT, but due to unfulfilled promises regarding the release date, SEPSISM was forced to demand the return of their materials from BOVINE RECORDS. NECROTIC FLESH ROT was never released. In April of 1998 after the departure of long time bassist Marcos Menendez, SEPSISM entered the studio to record their first full length CD entitled PURULENT DECOMPOSITION, which contained the four unreleased songs from NECROTIC FLESH ROT, two songs from their first demo, three songs from their second demo, and three new songs. Shortly after, SEPSISM signed a three-album deal with RUPULSE RECORDS, and in late May of 1998 SEPSISM recruited session Bassist Mondo Madrigal to help out with shows. Several months later SEPSISM recruited bassist Danny Bourlier who soon after parted ways with SEPSISM. In February of 1999 PURULENT DECOMPOSITION was released and SEPSISM played many shows despite the continuing lineup changes. In January 2000 SEPSISM recruited lead guitarist Salvador Altamirano and prepared to go on their first EUROPEAN TOUR. The PURULENT DECOMPOSITION TOUR 2000 began March 9 and ended April 2nd passing though CZECH REPULBLIC, GERMANY, HOLLAND, BELGIUM, FRANCE , SPAIN, PORTUGAL, SLOVAKIA AND POLAND. In April 2000, after returning home from Europe, SEPSISM parted ways with lead guitarist Salvador Altamirano, and began working on material for an album while searching for a permanent bassist and lead guitarist.


Parricide - Patogen

01. Deep Village (Intro)
02. To The Seemingly Immune
03. Interpretation
04. Symbols?
05. The Evil And The Good
06. Patogen
07. Here's The Source Of Indifference
08. In The Name Of ...
09. For What?
10. Masquerade II
11. Maybe It Was Him
12. When a Village Is Out Of The Window
13. Daughters And Sons Of Eternal Star
14. Politics
15. Subconscious Terror (BENEDICTION)
16. Polish Beautiful Village (Outro)

Band: Parricide
Album: Patogen
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2005
Label: MadLion Records
Official Website
Origin: Polônia (Poland)

Michal - vocals
Albert - guitar
Piotr - guitar
Tomasz - drums
Tadeusz - bass


Act Of Grotesque - Inner Mental Disorder

1. Supreme Art Of Killing
2. The Last Breath Of Universe
3. Inner Mental Disorder
4. Act Of Grotesque

Band: Act Of Grotesque
Album: Inner Mental Disorder (EP)
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2004
Label: Distributor Of Pain
Official Website
Origin: Bulgária (Bulgaria)

Angeboo - bass
Firebliss - drums
The Pilot - guitars
Herr Wolfchen - vocals


Monday, July 30, 2007

Surgical Dissection - Disgust

1. Intro
2. Frame Of Mind
3. Vanity
4. Regeneration
5. Dead End
6. Manipulation Lines
7. Aquiel
8. Unsatisfied
9. Distrustful

Band: Surgical Dissection
Album: Disgust
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2005
Label: Nice To Eat You Records
Official Website
Origin: Eslováquia (Slovakia)

Ján Èief - guitar
Ivan Mráz - vocals
Ján Jambrich - bass
Martin Majer - guitar
Michal Molnár - drums


The band SURGICAL DISSECTION (ex-DISSECTION) was origin in September 1993 and consisted of this members: Robo Kmet – vocals, Ján Cief – guitar, Michal Molnár – drums, Ján Jambrich - bass guitar, Martin Majer – guitar. From the start is possible to compare the music of the band to classic death metal with some components of grindcore. Singer Robo Kmet left the band in summer 1996 and guitarist Ján cief did it a mount after him. They co-operated at their own project. The band was three mounts without a singer. Later Marek Barto (ex-ANOREXIA /R.I.P/ ) became a new singer. The band with the name SURGICAL DISSECTION (with complete team) recorded the first official demo “Dehumanized” in March 1997. It was recorded in March 22. – 23. 1997 in PEBA studio in Sliac. The demo contains intro + 6 songs (about 20 minutes). The members of the band marked the style as so called Grinding Brutal Core. 250 pieces of this demo was released and sent to members of Czech and Slovak underground scene. Some exemplars were sent abroad. The reactions of the demo were superlative and the band had some concerts in Slovakia with old-new guitarist Ján Cief, which came back in autumn 1997. During the next year the band is performed concerts and prepared new material. It was recorded in Exponent studio in Hlohovec in 1999. The name of the new material was “The Inborn Malignance” and it was released as CD/MC/T-shirt by Slovak underground label EREBOS PRODUCTIONS. The album had many positive reactions from all around the world. Singer Marek Barto left the group in May 2000 because of different views. Hi was replaced in the band by Ivan Mráz at the end of May 2000. His first public performance was on Brutal Assault festival 5 in Blansko, where the American Mortician, Malignancy and Macabre performed too. The band recorded “Promo 2001” (3 tracks) in Moonset studio in June 2001. Publisher influenced the fact, that these 3 tracks are absolutely new. Some pieces ended in some fanzins and the reaction was quite good. The promo was sent to some publishers in Slovakia and Czech republic. The Slovak underground label Immortal Souls Productions gave an indication to publish the next album. The first official website of the band was created in early 2002. The address was: It is in English language and contains the basic information about the band, biography, lyrics, photographs etc. The new material was recorded in Moonset studio in Šala in March 2002. The name of the album is “Absurd Humanism” and it included 8 new tracks + one newly recorded track Impurity from the demo “Dehumanized”. Martin Kmet from the Absint studio made mastering of this track in Banská Bystrica in February 2003. The album “Absurd Humanism” should to be published by the Slovak label Immortal Souls Productions in year 2002, but the co-operation between the band and label aborted before summer 2002. There were no activities connected with the record since that time. The band remained without a publisher and they decided to publish CD at their own costs. Since March 2003 the new website of SURGICAL DISSECTION exists on address:, which is in the Slovak and English version with many new photographs and samples of all tracks of SURGICAL DISSECTION on MP3. Vláda Prokoš from the band FLESHLESS and his company NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS offered the band a possibility to publish the album “Absurd Humanism” in April 2003. So album published by NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS in May 2003. During the year 2003, after the issuing of the album “Absurd Humanism”, the band started more performances at the concerts, mainly in Germany and Czech Republic. The band also performed at famous summer festivals as Brutal Assault, Svet nerezové oceli etc. Those activities were possible mainly thanks to NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS, which took great care of the album “Absurd Humanism”. The whole edition of “Absurd Humanism” was totally sold out and distributed to the whole world during one year. At the end of 2003 the NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS offered the band SURGICAL DISSECTION to participate in SENSUAL IMMITATION TOUR 2004 of the bands Fleshless, Deception, Gomorrha, as a substitution of the band Gomorrha, which recalled their participation. SUGICAL DISSECTION accepted the offer without hesitation. At the end the bands Fleshless, Surgical Dissection and Laniena Mentis performed, cause also Polish Deception recalled their participation. The tour started with the first concert on April 16 in German town Löbau, following by the concerts in Holland Rotterdam, Belgian Gent, Italian towns Modena and Brescia, in Swiss Zofingen and it ended by the last concert on April 24 in small German town Wachenroth. During two years and concerts the band started to prepare new album with new tracks. Co-operation of SURGICAL DISSECTION and NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS stands and the band obtained an offer to publish the next album. It will be in September 2005 in Moravian studio Shaark. New album named “Disgust” will be issued in the mid of October 2005 by the NICE TO EAT YOU RECORDS.


Fondle Corpse - Blood And Popcorn

1. Twice the hate , Twice The carnage
2. Feral Mutant Attack
3. Halloween (The Night HE came home)
4. What's In The Basket
5. Choppingmall

Band: Fondlecorpse
Album: Blood And Popcorn (EP)
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2007
Label: Razorback Records
Official Website
Origin: Holanda (Netherlands)

Paul Beltman - session drums
Silvester - vocals
Bas - guitars
Thijs - bass


Well what the fuck is Fondlecorpse , the project has been around since 1996, at that time The Goregnome was drawing some sick perverted shit and he drew a picture and thought FONDLECORPSE, now this would be a great name for a band for a totally disgusting deathgoregrind band. Now you will say why isn’t there still any material recorded, to make a long story short, lots of line ups some even came close to recording but in the end it always fell thru because people left fucked up got kicked out etc etc. In ‘99 it seemed we would be hitting the studio, and yup bye bye drummer. And the torment continued. Now 2002 we are back with a line-up that wants to play brutal shit, no compromise! we are hard at work to try and create utter brutality and drums are played by our extraterestial fiend Krite who craves human meat for payment, so we feed him old bandmembers and nasty posers to him to keep him satisfied and have him drum on his intergalactic blastbeat drumkit. This resulted in two 7" records to be unleashed and one exclusive song on a compilation, now 2005 the real work starts on the cd's....finally! Now what you ask is Fondlecorpse, well we play old school goredeathgrind, plain and simple, if your looking for a technical melodic innovative deathmetal band FUKK OFF!!!! this is about PURE SPLATTER B-MOVIE GORE!!!!!!!!!!! the oldschool way, and dare i say it.....FUN, Lyrically we will range from 80's cartoons and Television series, to every aspect of Gore/horror/ Splatter/Slasher/Shit and ofcorpse a bunch of Pornstuffs, The good things in life!!! get ready for the attack of couch potatoe gore!!!!!!


From The Carnival Of Horror - As Mankind Engulfs Itself In Flames

01. Introduction
02. Her Organs Found Across The Moors
03. Ejected Arterial Faeces
04. Wretched Planet
05. The Book Of Revelations

Band: From The Carnival Of Horror
Album: As Mankind Engulfs Itself In Flames (EP)
Genre: Deathcore
Year: 2007
Label: Thirty Days Of Night Records
Official Website
Origin: Grã-Bretanha (United Kingdom)

Xavier Redkwa - guitar
Jack Barker - guitar
Nick Gardner - bass
Mat Caron - vocals
James Mudd - drums


From The Carnival Of Horrors

Epicedium - Conspiracy With The Death

1. Conspiracy With The Death
2. Human Corpse Decay
3. Deranged Butchery
4. Infected Death
5. Dismembered Bodies Remain
6. Slowly Skinned Alive
7. The Seventh Sign
8. Hammer Smashed Face (live - Cannibal Corpse cover)

Band: Epicedium
Album: Conspiracy With The Death
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 1999
Label: none
Official Website
Origin: Alemanha (Deutschland)

Current Line-Up
Daniel-Maurice d'Arcy - guitars
Thomas Köstler - guitars
Bruno Galletta - bass
Fabian Fuss - drums
Sascha H. - vocals


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Solidification - Vendetta Driven

01. Behind The Curtain
02. Graven Protagonist
03. Starving The Weak
04. Vendetta Driven
05. Inhumation
06. Tampon Collector
07. Y Shaped Incision
08. Shot In The Face
09. Bleeding Heartless
10. Miserys' End
11. Sore Eyes Assist
Band: Solidification
Album: Vendetta Driven
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2005
Label: none
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

Phil Good - bass
DJ France - drums
Paul Good - guitar
Sean Davis - vocals
Mike Shreves - guitar


Based in Dayton Ohio, Solidification was formed by brothers Phil and Paul Good in 1998. The goal of Solidification is to emphasize musicianship by creating a matched intensity between the instruments and to constantly raise the bar in technical skills and extremities...After several line-up changes "Sworn to Vengeance" was recorded and released in 2003 as a self produced and financed full length record. It marked the introduction of Solidification to it's world-wide fan base and was the catalist that landed them on the american death fest circuit. Unfortunately soon after it's release longtime friend/singer Byron Rehmert and Longtime friend/drummer Mike Dyer permanetely left the band to pursue other interests. This caused a forced line-up change which led to the introduction of longtime friend/drummer Dj France into the drum position. Along with michigan native Mike Bradley on vocals Solidification recorded and released their second full length album "Vendetta Driven" in the summer of 2005. Welcomed by their fans and gaining the respect of their peers It marked the evolution of Solidification into a national U.S. metal band as they toured in support of it. Later that year singer Mike Bradley was replaced by longtime friend/singer Sean Davis whose vocal range and lyrical themes reconnected the band to its core ideology. In 2006, Solidification embarked on a string of U.S. festival appearances and performed (Shortly) as part of the Annihilation Of The Population Tour in the summer. The rest of 2006 saw various members working on outside projects as well as continuing Solidification. They are currently working on the completion of their highly anticipated yet to be titled third release which will be released in 2007. Solidificaton has always been a fan first band and will continue to be so indefinitely.


Reign Of Terror - Threnody Of The Impaled

01. Damned
02. Ruler Of Heaven's Ill-Begotten Seraphs
03. Sado-Sodomite Communion
04. Excavating The Frontal Lobe Of Jehovah
05. Marching Plague
06. Procession Through The Eyes Of Perversity
07. The Cruel Trades
08. Uteral Incision
09. Simulacra (Isle Of The Mute)
10. Devil Pig
11. Threnody Of The Impaled

Band: Reign Of Terror
Album: Threnody Of The Impaled
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2002
Label: Evil Vengeance Records
Official Website
Origin: Estados Unidos (U.S.A.)

CJ Holguin - vocals,bass
Marc Arredondo - drums
Rich Osmond - guitar


Reign of Terror was formed in the winter of 1997 by founding members, CJ Holguin and Marc "The Engine" Arredondo. Their goal was to play top-notch Satanic death metal. They rehearsed incessantly and in the following years took El Paso, and other parts of the world, by storm. Along the way Reign of Terror recorded two self financed CD’s, "Traversing the Realms of Acheron" and "Inverted Beliefs of the Sanguine God" and played countless shows. Many along- side death metal legends such as Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Broken Hope, Monstrosity, Angelcorpse, Krisiun and Mortician. In 2001 former Angelcorpse guitarist, Gene Palubicki took notice. He signed the band to his label Evil Vengeance Records and in 2002 released Reign of Terror’s next album "Threnody of the Impaled". With this release Reign of Terror’s reputation spread even more throughout the underground. A short tour of Texas in the summer of 2002 solidified the band’s belief in their unholy mission. Through all of this Reign of Terror has honed their sound, which can best be described as the perfect hybrid of pummeling velocity, cavern-dwelling doom, and neck-snapping thrash-death! R.O.T. braved several line-up changes and finally exists in its strongest incarnation: Dick Osmond(guitar), CJ Holguin(bass and vokills) and Marc "The Engine" Arredondo (battery). 2003 saw the release of "Sword of Antichrist", a 5 song promo of new Reign of Terror material. Reign of Terror hopes to sign a deal and record their next blasphemy, "Satanic Upheaval", in 2004...


Doxology - A Torn Soul

1. A Torn Soul
2. Speaking Of Dogs
3. In A Jar...
4. Lazy Youth In The Cyber World
Band: Doxology
Album: A Torn Soul (EP)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Year: 2002
Label: none
Origin: Coréia do Sul (Republic Of Korea(South Korea))

Jun-tae Joh - vocals
Jae-ryun Park -drums
Han-gyu Moon - guitar
Woo-cheon Park - bass
Min-Seok Jang - guitar


DOXOLOGY was formed by 1989. Former band name from SEED. Their debut full-length "Terror Struck" by 1998. But they are interruption of band or join the army in bassist, have a problem of musical styles. In the end remained member of Jae-Ryun Park(Drum). His all by oneself searching for a member's. Finally replaced was by Han-Gyu Moon(ex-OPERATION), Jun-Tae Joh(ex-THRASH COREA), Jong-Soo Moon(ex-OATHEAN) in February of 2000. By this time changed band name in DOXOLOGY.(influenced by SUFFOCATION, PYREXIA, DISGORGE, DYING FETUS, BROKEN HOPE, DEEDS OF FLESH... and more.) They are trying to the Japan tour. With bands such as DEFILED, BAKED BOMB, VORTEX, BASSAIUM at Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo. This tour is very successfully. After they was replaced by Sang-Hoon Kim(Guitar) and have a live performance with BAKED BOMB, Trenkill Fest at Seoul. In 2002 release their debut demo "A Torn Soul" containing 4 tracks of agressive, powerful brutal death metal music. And they have a second Japan tour with bands such as DEFILED, BAKED BOMB, BLIND HATE. This tour is not only successful or but also amazing with the Japanese Brutal Death Metal maniacs. In July of 2003 they was searching for a overseas labels, entered the Neoblast Compilation 3 : Blast From The Underworld. This compilation is joined with bands such as NEURAXIS, SPAWN OF POSSESSION, DESPISED ICON, SOULLESS, NECROBLASPHEME, VIRULENCE, ARCHAEAN HARMONY, COPROFAGO...etc. But regretfully leave the members(Jong-Soo Moon or Sang-Hoon Kim) in February, 2003 They was searching for a Bassist and Guitarist, and was replaced by Han-Gyu Moon(Guitar) or Min-Suk Jang(Guitar). After they was replaced by Woo-Cheon Park(ex-MAGWI) with line-up now.


Flesh - Temple Of Whores

1. Temple Of Whores
2. Taste the Devil's Blood
3. Visions Of Damnation
4. Rotten Through The Skin
5. Baptised On The Demon's Throne
6. Grotesque Infection
7. Vultures
8. Spirits Reborn In Chaos
9. Invisible Darkness

Band: Flesh
Album: Temple Of Whores
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2006
Label: Iron Fist
Official Website
Origin: Suécia (Sweden)

Peter Karlsson - vocals, guitar, bass
Flingan - Session drums


.....solo project of Pete Flesh.

What led to the decision to do this side project?
- Many different aspects led me, but of course mainly my lust and desire for this kind of metal. A place where I can put all my atmosphere and energy to morbidity. The idea for this album is something that has grown bigger through many years, this is nothing that just popped-up some months before I recorded it. Even if I had this idea some time before, I usually say that the start that really got me going and working was when Chuck [Schuldiner] died, I can´t even put in words how much that person meant to me-- like to many others. Not just when it comes to the music, he was a living proof of that if you had a vision, even if no one else believed in it and on the way you get some enemies, you should follow it to a hundred percent. This is something I always tried to do, but when you play in a band you for example must compromise on many different things, like how you want a song to be. In FLESH I can do whatever I want. I don´t just see FLESH like a project where I can put ideas for old school sounding Death and Black Metal, it´s much more for me. If I want to put in an idea that in general has nothing to do with this genre, I do it. This way it also gets more personal. In the end it´s all about the atmosphere you create and if you deliver your visions in an honest way.

Why do you call both the band and yourself "Flesh"?
- I started to call myself Pete Flesh the same day I heard Chuck was dead. I was drinking beer and listening through all the DEATH albums and when one of my fave tracks from his last album came--- "Flesh and the Power it Holds"-- it just popped-up in my head, "Pete Flesh." So, the "Flesh" part of my name is a tribute to him. Then to call this project FLESH was just something that came naturally.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant

01. Blood On Your Hands
02. The Last Enemy
03. I Will Live Again
04. In this Shallow Grave
05. Revolution Begins
06. Rise Of The Tyrant
07. The Day You Died
08. Intermezzo Liberté
09. Night Falls Fast
10. The Great Darkness
11. Vultures

Band: Arch Enemy
Album: Rise Of The Tyrant
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Year: 2007
Label: Century Media Records
Official Website
Origin: Suécia (Sweden)

Angela Nathalie Gossow - vocals
Charles Peter Andreason - bass
Christopher Amott - guitars
Daniel Erlandsson - Drums
Michael Amott - guitar




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